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Terms & Conditions

The access to and usage of the trivago Talent Community are subject to the following Terms and Conditions. Please read them themthoroughly and only sign up to the trivago Talent Community if you agree to the Terms & Conditions.

The trivago Talent Community enables the user to create a personal user profile. The Talent Community user can catch up on trivago news within the Talent Community. Employees from trivago’s Talents & Organization department review the user profiles and contact users directly for suitable career opportunities at trivago.

The usage of the trivago Talent Community is free of charge and only requires a registration. The user must accept the Terms & Conditions and Data Protection Policy to sign up for the trivago Talent Community.

All user information is only accessible for designated trivago employees and not accessible for other users of the trivago Talent Community.

All content shared by trivago in the trivago Talent Community is owned by trivago N.V., unless otherwise stated. This does not apply to content of third parties, shared via link within the trivago Talent Community.