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What is the Talent Community?

By joining the Talent Community, our recruiters can access your profile and match it with our open positions. They can then approach you with vacant roles they think you would be a great fit for.

Why should you join?

Being part of the community means you won’t miss the opportunity to get your dream job at trivago, whether you’re looking now, you will be in the future, or you’re just curious to hear about opportunities.

Be authentic

Authenticity is one of our core values at trivago (and we truly live by them). This is your chance to express your true passions; the things that really motivate you. We want to go beyond the CV and get to know the real you, because we hire people, not pieces of paper.

Be secure

To protect your privacy, the Talent Community is anonymous and other users can not see any of your information.

Ready Now?

Have you already seen your dream job? What are you waiting for?! You can still apply in the traditional way through our Jobs Page.

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